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Statement 31.3.00

Bogus postings on the internet purporting to come from Bob Goodall & Margaret Payne

In light of yesterdays internet libel case it is timely to warn journalists to beware of the numerous bogus postings currently being made in our names on various websites by some carpetbaggers. Not all carpetbaggers do this. These postings are often abusive about others and are intended to hurt & mislead. A rule of thumb you can apply to weed out the bogus messages is that as Christian folk we try not to use rude or abusive language. We do not threaten. Basically we try and treat others as we would like to be treated. Although we reserve the right to take legal action it is highly unlikely that we ever would.

1)We personally believe that slander is not resolved as a result of litigation but through Gods way of doing things.

2) That the internet should be left alone. That control could cause more harm that good and who knows one day we might rely on it to help protect our freedoms and disseminate information.

3) Repeated inappropriate postings devalue the sender rather than the subject.

4) libel law is not available to all. It seems to be the domain of the rich and powerful. Perhaps the interests of natural justice would be best served by making libel law available to no-one

5) We are all human. All people (ourselves included) can make rash comments in the heat of the moment that we regret. It would not be right to seek to ruin people because of their humanity.

Very best wishes and enjoy your day Bob Goodall & Margaret Payne co-ordinator “Save Our Building Societies” campaign



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