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We are now aware that there is a sustained and vicious campaign of character assassination against Bob Goodall on the carpetbagging websites with defamatory and libellous postings. Taking legal action against websites is next to impossible and the carpetbaggers know this.

We have been informed by a reliable source that one of the carpetbaggers is a financial journalist on a major national newspaper. We now have other evidence that points to this. This man is seriously compromising both his profession and the integrity of his newpaper using his priviledged position as a journalist for self-gain.

Like most of the carpetbaggers he is a complete coward who skulks in the shadows peddling his lies and his attacks against the character of Bob Goodall on various websites under the cover of a pseudonym.

We cannot name him (yet) as we cannot take on the legal resources of the newspaper concerned without absolute proof. But if the Editor guesses who this is I suggest you fire him immediately (before we name both him and your newspaper).

Who is the “Mr Big” organising the carpetbaggers?

Statement by Cllr Chris White

'A healthy society is one where we help each other to get along. Building societies represent the self-help spirit and we will all be poorer - both morally and financially - if they disappear. The legislation which allowed them so easily to be cast aside must rank as one of the most short-sighted in British history.'

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updated 30 Dec 2000