Press Release 79 date: 7.12.99

Storyline: SOBS complains to AIM regulator about Murray Financial plc SOBS has asked the AIM regulator to ensure that after the bid for Leek United Building Society officially lapses on 31.12.99 that the company is not allowed to immediately freeze dealing in its shares (again) because it bids for another mutual building society. So soon after the failed bid for Leek United. We would argue that allowing the shares to be frozen again -which will prevent trading -cannot be in the best interests of shareholders. SOBS says there should be a pause in proceedings to allow dealing to take place in Murray Financial shares Bob Goodall says “Murray talked a lot about the right of members of Leek to have their say. Well they did! (and with a resounding NO! to Murray). We suggest the same rights apply to the shareholders in Murray Financial who should be allowed to freely buy or sell shares in this company when the bid for Leek United offically lapses.” Note to the Editor Murray Financial plc is listed on AIM -the Alternative Investment Market based at the Stock Exchange.The regulator is Mr Simon Brickels tel 0171 797 2090 AIM helpline 0171 797 4404 (9-5pm) Press Release by Bob Goodall co-ordinator “Save Our Building Societies” campaign tel 01727 847 370(24hrs)