Press Release 69 Date:11.10.99

For local media covering branches and members of Leek United Building Society Press Release 69 (update from Press Release 68. The story continues to unfold) Further to the humiliating failure of Murray Financial plc to secure a Special General Meeting (SGM) at Leek United Building Society latest............ Murray Financials chief executive -Ken Murray responded by claiming yesterday, (after Leek United issued the statement that Murray had failed to secure a SGM) -that Murray had more Leek United members up their sleeve! SOBS comment Bob Goodall says “They would say that wouldn’t they!” “That to claim there just happens to be a few more Leek United Building Society members waiting in the wings to support Murray is hard to believe”. “And I have to add that it is certainly a very convenient thing to say in light of the chaos that unfolded yesterday.” What else could Ken Murray come out with? Admit to the media how incompetent and inept Murray Financial have been?” Furthermore Murray are saying that although they decided to submit 130 nominations -above the 100 needed from eligible members to requisition a Special General Meeting (SGM) they decided to leave a few in reserve!-”What, for old times sake I suppose!!? asks Bob Goodall” “This stretches credulity”. He adds Note to the editor If Murray were to find in the next week/or weeks -and with the greatest difficulty (it took them 5 weeks to find 130 supporters) -some more nominations for a SGM -Based on what has already happened to the 130 -How can we be any more certain that they will be from eligible members or are filled in correctly? Bob Goodall says “ the dignified thing for Murray to do now is to accept their defeat and stop oppressing the members of Leek United Building Society.” “But I predict a very desperate Murray Financial will be trying in the next few days, every means to rescue the situation. Including more visits to Leek -quickly arranged -for John Redwood and Sir Bernard Ingham I suppose! Bob Goodall co-ordinator “Save Our Building Societies” campaign tel 01727 847 370(24hrs)