Press Release 66 Date 4.10.99

Subject Murray Financial versus Leek United Building Society Dear Journalist. Please could you ask the following question: (Murray Financial tel 0131 225 6500) Storyline: Why hasn’t Murray Financial applied for a licence to run a bank before launching its attempt to turn Leek United into one? History The bank of Edinburgh* bid for the Heart of England Building Society collapsed. It was suggested at the time that the Bank of England were concerned at the lack of banking expertise on the bank of Edinburgh board. *Murray Financial and Bank of Edinburgh are run by the same people with much the same composition of board of directors. Other questions to ask Murray Financial 1)Does Murray Financial expect to be automatically granted a banking licence to run Leek United as a bank? 2) What gives Murray Financial the idea that they are more qualified to run Leek United than its present board of directors and management team. Bob Goodall says “Murray Financial should first apply for a banking licence before it wastes any more money of the members of Leek United Building Society by continuing with its futile venture.” Bob Goodall SOBS co-ordinator tel 01727 847 370 (24hrs)