Press Release 65

Date: 9.9.99 Subject: Murray Financial’s attempt to take over Leek United Building Society Storyline: Local Newspaper Editor “categorically” denys claim made by Murray Financial’s chief executive Ken Murray. In an interview with the Scotsman newspaper Mr Murray said he thought he had won the backing of the local Leek Newspaper. Garry Shenton, Editor of the Leek Post responded “I categorically state that we are not supporting either party. We have not taken any side on this issue.” Mr Shenton adds “We are a weekly local newspaper with a responsibility to the community and we will report the information made available to us.” Bob Goodall comments “I hope Murray Financial accurately informs the members of Leek Utd what a takeover of their society would really mean to members of the society and to the local community.” -Higher mortgage rates, lower interest rates for savers, branch closures and job losses! It will be a ‘slash and burn’ exercise”” Press Release by Bob Goodall co-ordinator “Save Our Building Societies” campaign tel 01727 847 370 (24hrs)