Press Release 61 20.4.99

Subject:Bradford & Bingley’s fight to remain a Mutual The battle is almost over! Postal votes must be received by 5.00pm Friday 23.4.99. (the Pre-paid envelopes for voting have 2nd class postage). (members can still vote in person at the AGM Monday 26.4.99.) Storyline: retired Bishop Ronnie Bowlby makes a final appeal members of the Society.. Bishop Bowlby says “Wednesday (21.4.99) is your last chance to vote by post in the Bradford & Bingley mutuality ballot.” “I strongly urge you to back the recommendations of the board and vote to retain the mutual status of your society.” Vincent Cable MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson backs this final appeal. “it is essential for remaining members of Bradford & Bingley who have yet to vote, to support the board and to make a positive stand for mutuality.” “Do not let the carpetbaggers dismantle an institution built up by generations of working people for the benefit of the community.”

Contact details Rt Rev Ronnie Bowlby can be contacted for further comment. Vincent Cable MP London office 0171 219 1106 Constituency office tel 0181 892 0215

Note to the Editor Both Rt Rev Ronnie Bowlby and Vincent Cable MP are spokespeople for the “Save Our Building Societies” campaign. Vincent Cable MP is the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Twickenham. He is Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Financial Institutions, the City and EMU.

Bob Goodall Co-ordinator "Save Our Building Societies" campaign