Press Release 60 16.4.99

Storyline: House of Commons ready to protect Building Societies from carpetbaggers Vincent Cable MP Liberal Democrat spokesperson says “In my opinion if there was a free vote in the House of Commons tomorrow to protect Building Societies from demutualisation it would be overwhelmingly supported.” “My feeling is that Members of Parliament would be pleased to put an end to carpetbagging” Private members Bill Bob Goodall, Co-ordinator of the “Save Our Building Societies” campaign says “When then next members ballot takes place for the right to introduce a Private Members Bill to Parliament we will lobby the successful MP to introduce an amendment to the Building Societies Act 1986 to end demutualisation.” This would not be unpopular in the country! Some people carpetbag merely because the opportunity exists for them to do it. They realise what they are doing is wrong. “Close the gate and and I believe that most people would not be unduly concerned” says Bob Goodall. Bradford & Bingley But will these actions be too late save Bradford & Bingley Building Society?

Carpetbaggers have put forward a resolution to try and force its conversion to a bank. With 40% of the members still to vote the decision could go either way. The questions for Bradford & Bingley are: what do these people believe? and will they be voting? In a ballot often the side that is successful is the one that mobilises the highest percentage of its supporters” says Bob Goodall. Postal votes must be received by Friday 23.4.99. Note to the Editor Vincent Cable MP is the member of Parliament for Twickenham. He is Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Financial Institutions, the City and EMU. The ballot for Private Members Bills is held at the start of every Parliamentary session. 13 days of Parliamentary time is allotted to these Bills. Contact details (media only) Vincent Cable MP London office tel 0171 219 1106 Constituency office tel 0181 892 0215 A full list of SOBS spokespeople is available on request

Bob Goodall Co-ordinator "Save Our Building Societies" campaign