Press Release 59 14.4.99

Subject: Bradford & Bingleys fight to retain it’s mutuality Storyline: “It is time to make a stand against carpet-baggers!” says Martin Bell MP” Martin Bell MP urges members of Bradford & Bingley to make a stand against carpet-baggers and to retain the societys mutual status both for themselves and for future generations. Note to the Editor To help put this message across, in addition to contacting the Nationals Martin Bell has written to 203 local and regional newspapers each of which contain a Bradford & Bingley branch or agency in their district. Due to a very busy schedule and existing commitments Martin Bell regrets he is unable to give further comment or take part in interviews on this matter. Please contact any of our spokespeople for further comment. Bob Goodall says “members wishing to vote by post need to be quick. Ballot papers must be received by Friday 23rd April 1999.”

Bob Goodall Co-ordinator "Save Our Building Societies" campaign