Press Release 41


Subject: The attempt to stop the takeover of Birmingham Midshires Building Society by Halifax plc. Midshire members want to stage a second Special General Meeting (SO M) to allow the membership of the society a full say on what happens to their society. First

Storyline: 3 MPs appeal to the public for the £deposit required to hold the second Special General Meeting A fee has to accompany the Resolution document from each requistioner. In the case of Midshires this is £50. Therefore SOBS need to pay Midshires a minimum of £5000 (£50x100) to £7850.

Vincent Cable MP says "SOBS have already won a victory in collecting enough endorsements to secure a second Special General Meeting to save Birmingham Midshires as a building society. The last obstacle to actually holding die meeting is to raise the deposit money. I would appeal to all the friends of the building Society movement and en those concerned about mutuality to help us raise the money required.

Dennis Turner MP says "We are fighting a David versus Goliath battle to save mutuality at Birmingham Midshires. We need to raise at least £5000 to hold our Special General meeting. Since many of our supporters are Pensioners and people on limited incomes we make a wider appeal to everyone who is socially minded to help raise this sum of money. All donations however small are welcome."

Kerry Pollard MP says "Having secured the necessary numbers required to hold a second Special General meeting SOBS now needs to raise in excess of £5000 to 'pay our deposit' "SOBS only want ordinary members of Midshires to be able to have their say in the future of their society "This is not a level playing field, things are stacked against die ordinary members, We have the opportunity now to give the ordinary members a voice but we urgent fly need funds to pay our deposit; the future of this society and the mutual sector hangs in the balance for the sake of £5000."

Note to the Editor 1 Vincent Cable MP (Twickenham) is the Liberal Democrat Spokesperson on Financial Institutions, the City and EMU. He is a SOBS Patron and National Spokesperson. Kerry Pollard is the Labour MP for St Albans. He is also a Patron for SOBS and a National Spokesperson for the campaign. Dennis Turner is the Labour and Cooperative MP for Wolverhampton South East.

Note to the Editor 2 Although the money is called a deposit under Midshires rules it may or may not be returned. Therefore we have to proceed on the basis that donations will not be returned by Midshires. Cheques should be made payable to "Save Our Building Societies" and sent to 8 Belmont Court. Belmont Hill. St Albans. Hertfordshire ALl I RB. If we fail to raise the money in time none of the cheques will be cashedb People can ring Bob Goodall on Tel 01727 847 370 for further details.

Note to the Editor 3 We needed a minimum of 100 endorsements from Midshires members As at 31.10.98 SOBS have: Signed up to all 7 resolutions 145 members; Total 157 ('1\(e would prefer to submit as many requisitions as possible to ensure that having reached this stage we do not fail by having any requisitions ruled as invalid by Midshires). Bob Goodall says "I would still urge people to send in their requisition forms. The more the better.'

Second Storyline Bob Goodall has written to his former tutors at Goldsmiths Art college to ask them to donate a work of art to be auctioned in aid of the necessary deposit. These include John Bellany, Bert Irvin, Basil Beattie, Michael Kenny, Michael Craig-Martin and Glen Baxter. Also fellow student Julian Opie and to other former students including Bridget Riley and Damien Hirst. Bob has appealed to current students of the college to donate work (and if anyone is interested is willing to sell some of his own work.)

Note to the Editor 4 Bob Goodall graduated from Goldsmiths Art college with a degree in Fine Art (Painting & Film-making) in 1980. He decided to study art in preference to taking up any of the places on offer to study Economics.

How people can help the SOBS campaign: Anyone wishing to help should write to Bob Goodall at "Save Our Building Societies", 8 Belmont Court, Belmont Hill, St Albans, Herts AL1 RB or telephone him on 01727 847370 (24hrs)

Press Release by Bob Goodall Tel 01727 84737
Coordinator "Save Our Building Societies" campaign