Press Release 19
Monday 13.7.98

The Nationwide ballot on Monday 13.7.98 there will be just 8 days left before the ballot closes at 11 am on Tuesday 21st July 1998.

Storyline "ONE FINAL PUSH!" In the final full week of voting the "Save Our Building Societies"' campaign will make ‘one final Push' to put over the message for mutuality and to bring the pro-mutual vote out. Bob Goodall quote: "Its going to be a long hard tiring week for all of us but it'll be worth it to save Nationwide."

The final push consists of four strands: Writing to regional newspapers, using television mobilisation of grassroots political support & targeting those eligible to vote we can expect to support us.

1) A large mailing: Over the weekend we mailed promutuality material to 95 regional & local newpapers and to 15 regional newspaper groups across the country. We see local newspapers as another very effective means of putting our message across to those eligible to vote in the Nationwide ballot.

2) Television: SOBS will attempt to bring the message to our television screens to bring the message to even more people.

Bob Goodall quote: 'I hope my personal telephone calls to television editors will be suitably persuasive for them to include in their schedules the ‘Nationwide fight for mutuality'. Television is the one medium that has failed so far to give adequate coverage to the issue we need to put "Trevor" on the case.'

3) Mobilisation: Vincent Cable MP will call in the next issue of Liberal Democrat News for grass roots Liberal Democrats 'nationwide' to rally in the last days of the campaign to bring out the pro-mutual vote in their local areas. We welcome this and call upon members of all parties and all concerned citizens to do the same. We offer an 8 day 'tour of duty' to save mutuality for the new millenium.

4) A new target: We have also identified the 200,000 new members of Nationwide who joined after 3/11/97. They have signed over any potential windfalls to the Nationwide Charity Foundation. As such we can expect all of them to vote for mutuality as this provides the highest rates of interest for their savings.

Note to the editor.
We will target this group for support in addition to 1,000,000 mortgagees and people who care about the future of home providing loans for future generations. These people are the natural constituency for SOBS and the vote to retain mutuality.

Other quotes:
Bob Goodall "We must bring out the vote in support of retaining mutuality at Nationwide. We must make it a clarion call heard loud and strong throughout the land. We must not wake up on the morning of July 24th to headlines that Nationwide Building Society has gone"

"This is a time for maximum endevour to save mutuality. We can rest later, future generations are depending on us."

Press release: Bob Goodall, Co-ordinator, Save Our Building Societies Campaign.
Telephone 01727 847370 (24hours)

Other contacts:
Vincent Cable MP 0171 219 1106 & 0181 892 0215
Kerry Pollard MP 01727 761031
Cllr Chris White 01727 875607


How people can help the SOBS campaign: Anyone wishing to help should write to Bob Goodall at "Save Our Building Societies", 8 Belmont Court, Belmont Hill, St Albans, Herts AL1 RB or telephone him on 01727 847370 (24hrs)

Press Release by bob Goodall Tel 01727 84737
Co-ordinator "Save Our Building Societies" campaign